Recently Added Vineyards

Banrock Station

Banrock Station's motto is "Good Earth Fine Wine" and on that they deliver. Not only does this vineyard produce excelent wines and bargin prices, but the vineyard focuses on land preservation and conservation.
They focus their production on classic reds like the Shiraz, Cabernet Savignon and Merlot. Most of their bottles are priced very reasonably putting world class wine in the hands of you and me!

Santa Rita

Santa Rita was founded in 1880, by a distinguished entrepreneur, Mr. Domingo Fernández Concha in the area of Alto Jahuel where the main installations of the winery are currently located. From the very beginning, he introduced fine French varieties, winemakers and the most advanced wine making techniques.

From the end of the 19th century until the mid 70´s, Santa Rita developed under the ownership of Mr. Vicente García - Huidobro, father of the famous Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro Fernández.

Santa Carolina

In Chile good cheap wine abounds. Santa Carolina is producing several varieties of wine that are all very reasonably priced and of incredibly decent quality.
Growing their grapes in the central valley south of Santiago this winery was founded by a local visionary and three french viticulturists.
The wine warehouse they constructed 131 years ago was declared a national monument in 1973.

Root:1 Colchagua Valley

Located between the massive Andes Mountains and the low coastal mountains of the Pacific Ocean, the warm and dry vineyards of the Colchagua Valley are world-renowned for producing outstanding red wines with rich color, full body and varietal character. In this unique valley, the steep and rocky soil maintains moisture for the vines during the intense summer heat while the coastal mountains temper the cool maritime influences of the Pacific.

[Currently the location is approximate]

Serego Alighieri

The villa Serego Alighieri is center of both the past and present of this noble family, linked not only to the civilization of Verona and the Veneto, but also to the history of viticolture in Valpolicella. It is a beautiful villa immersed in the green of Valpolicella vineyards, barely 20 km far from the artistic attractions of Verona and the beauties of Lake Garda..

Talomas Vineyard

Talomas is a label formed by Robert Mondavi Winery and Rosemount Estate to produce wine in each other's countries. They sell a number of wines that feature blends from different geographic regions.


The Mirassou family has been growing grapes and crafting superior wines in the sun-drenched hills of California since 1854, earning the family the proud distinction of being America's oldest winemaking family.

Rosemount Estate

Rosemount Estate today owns vineyards in seven geographically diverse viticultural regions throughout New South Wales and South Australia. Each has been developed with the aim of matching the physical make-up of the site - its 'terroir' - with the best of the world's premium grape varieties. Rosemount Estate is able to offer an impressive range of single vineyard and premium regional wines for the enjoyment of wine enthusiasts the world over.