Cervaceria Austral

In 1896, José Fischer, a German brewmaster arrived in Patagonia and settled down there with the idea of making this beverage based on malted barley, for the colonists. Thus, the southernmost beer in the world was created, and Fischer gave it the name of Patagona. As it had an excellent quality, it soon became popular all round the region.
By 1916, Fisher's undertaking was already offering 6 varieties of beer and, in 1961, it was a very interesting business for the Chadwick family, who purchased it from the Fishers to merge it with their company, Malterías Unidas. In the late ’90s, Malterías became a partner to trade and distribute its trademark Austral all through the country.

508 Patagona
Punta Arenas
Provincia Magallanes, Décima Segunda Región de Magallanes y La Antártica Chilena
53° 9′ 59.45″ 70° 55′ 35.76″