Recently Added Breweries

Cervaceria Austral

In 1896, José Fischer, a German brewmaster arrived in Patagonia and settled down there with the idea of making this beverage based on malted barley, for the colonists. Thus, the southernmost beer in the world was created, and Fischer gave it the name of Patagona. As it had an excellent quality, it soon became popular all round the region.

Southampton Publick House

New York based brewery whose bottles bear the legend, "Bottled by Southampton Bottling Inc., Wilkes-Barre PA."

Two Brothers Brewing Company

Two Brothers Brewing Company is a family owned and operated brewery based in Chicago. Brewing from 1997 this craft brewery is founded on excellent brewing and good beer. Try to find their bottles in your local shop or if you are in Chicago stop on by for a tour.

Victory Brewing Company

Based out of Pennsylvania this craft brewery is making extremely good beer. Their lineup is limited owing to the adage, "do one thing and do it well." They certainly do their brewing well, producing quality craft beer available all over the north east. They haven't really broken on to the national scene, but if you are in the neighborhood you should pay them a visit.

Dogfish Head

Deleware would not be most people's picks if asked where the most up and coming craft brewery is located. Nevertheless the brew master here is making a real name for himself. Featured in magazines and television this brewery is pumping out beer that is quickly becoming available nation wide. Sam Calagione has built his brand around one principle, brew great beer first and all else will follow.

McCashin's Brewery & Malthouse

"Mac's" Brewery, as it it better known locally, has won many awards and medals for its fine beers. For example, it was named "The Best Small Brewery in Australasia" and so became the "Special Light" winner of the Alfa Laval Trophy for best exhibit Low Alcohol section 1994 and 1995.


The name XINGU (pronounced shin-goo') is a tributary of the Amazon River which is home to the few surviving cultures and species of native Amazonian life threatened by dam sites, over-development and exploitation. The distinct diamond-shaped XINGU Black Beer label was painted by artist Eric Green depicting a map of the XINGU River region, bordered by anacondas, with a Txucahamei warrior and a caiman.

Blue Moon Brewing Co.

Based in Denver, CO but contract brewed in Toronto, Canada. This brand is owned and created by the Coors Brewing Company. The beer is brewed by Molson in Canada and imported by Coors. They don't usually advertise this fact preferring to culture the image of the micro-brew. Their staple beer is the Belgian White, but they also have various seasonal offerings. Usually a good deal for the drinking.
The location given here is the Colorado one, aka Coors.

Belle-Vue Brewery

Now owned by InBev. This brewery is now the leading producer of Lambics, which may be another way of saying they have sold out quality for quantity.

Belhaven Brewery

Scotland's oldest independent brewery founded in 1719. These guys know how to brew a dynamite Scottish ale, of course they don't slouch on the other varieties either. Founded by, who else, monks of course. This brewery was kept in the family for many generations and although not family owned any longer it has maintained its independence throughout the years.